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About us

Why did we open a grow store?

Sometimes those 1000-watt lightbulb in the head moments come to you in a flash...

For us, it was the time we realized the closest grow stores are 50-60 miles away! After visiting both hydroponics retail stores, we said to ourselves – we can do this. At that point we wanted our own grow store - and so begins our story.

Just imagine yourself poring through hydroponics equipment catalogues with all those alluring lights, climate controls, nutrients & additives, growing medias, seed starting supplies, garden accessories and knowing that you get all that choice in deciding what you and other growers get to use to grow the biggest, most exciting crops you have ever seen.

Come see us for you growing needs!

The first grow store in Alamogordo.

HydroGrow is recognized as a resource for hydroponics, sustainable growing methods, education, equipment and supplies so that plant and garden enthusiasts can acquire the tools and knowledge to achieve their goals of growing healthy food and herbs, minimizing environmental impacts, enjoying healthy plants and experiencing the pride of achievement.

We offer you two generations of plant nerds. David, Sam and Irene have years of experience in the growing industry. Add to that Debbie’s experience in retail you have a passionate team for cultivating the highest quality product. With proven ability to manage all aspects of the growth from seed to harvest to help expand the industry.

Our mission is simple - Everything we do is driven by customer needs and our passion for understanding what drives their success. We keep that at home feeling and speak the language of the modern grower. At HydroGrow we are committed to providing superior products and customer relations with the highest levels of quality and excellence. We’ve done it and really love everything about plants so you can benefit from our many years of combined experience. You can do it too. Get started today! Let’s put you on the path to success!

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