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Why choose Us?

PlantingGetting it right from the beginning

We carry a wide line of reputable brands such as:
Foxfarm Ocean Forest
Roots Organic 707
CocoLoco & Happy Frog
Grow!T Clay Pebbles
HP Mycorrizae

Why choose Us?

GrowingTo meet your garden's specific needs

The right equipment can make all of the difference.
LED lighting
Lighting Controller
Grow Media
Pro Biotics
Pest Control Products.

Why choose Us?

HarvestingReaping the rewards of your hard work

Harvesting Solutions
It’s important to know when the right time is to begin harvesting the garden. This not only depends on when your crops are ripe, but also on the length of your growing season and what the effect of a frost will be.

We have a wealth of knowledge we are pleased to share.

These are are a few high quality brands we carry

For all stages of the gardening and farming process.